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Who we are?

Gay Travel Room is the first site uniting travelers all over the world.

By becoming a participant in GayTravelRoom, you’ll no longer need to worry about hotel or apartment expenses, which are always growing and often end up costing more than the actual plane tickets. Participants in Gay Travel Room get to visit one another as guests, all over the world and completely for free.

Gay Travel Room is not an apartment- or house-exchange service. You do not need to leave your home when other participants come to stay there. You’re only offering them a room where they can stay, the same way that other participants offer your theirs to stay in when you wish.

What do you need to become a member of the Community?:

  • You need to have a place, a room, where you can receive visitors.
  • You need to have a Facebook profile. If your data and publications are hidden, you can add one of the administrators as a friend so that they have access to your data. (Other participants won’t see your Facebook profile. It’s only used by the administrator for profile validation).

That’s all! Once you have finished registering and been validated, you can communicate directly with other participants and chose your destination.

Join us to travel for free.

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Basic rules

  • Each participant must have a room with a bed, where he can host other participants of the community.
  • The number of days a participant can visit cannot exceed 4. (So if you want to go to Barcelona for a week, make sure to reserve you accommodation with more than one member of the community).
  • Monetary transactions between participants are prohibited. Hence, the concept of rent is not applicable here. Every community member is hosting friends (other members of the community).
  • The number of days on which you can host other participants of the group is regulated by a built-in calendar.


  • Once you are registered, you do not have to wait for somebody to visit you. You may at once select the place and date of your visit and start your journey. The only condition is that in your calendar there should be three times more open days than the duration of your trip. For example, if you book a room in Barcelona for 4 days, then there must be at least 12 days open in your calendar. This is to enable the other participants to plan their visits more freely. But after somebody has visited you on those very 4 days, you can, if you so desire, close the remaining days. And if you are not planning to travel in the near future, you may not host anybody.
  • This is the minimum rule, however, we recommend that you block as few days as possible. This is essential for the community to grow faster, and that is in your interest. The more the people in the community, the greater the possibilities for your trips. For now, we would like to cover only countries of Europe, but in the future we plan to cover all countries.

Refusal of an application

  • If you get a booking request, and you are unable to, or for some reason, do not want to host guests, then you can reject the request citing the reason. Please note that we study all refusals in detail individually. Cancellations are not encouraged in our system, but are, at times, necessary. In case of misuse of cancellations without any basis, your account may be blocked for an unspecified period of time. If there are dates on which you cannot or do not want to host guests, mark them on your calendar.